Case studies

  • Coal projects on indigenous lands
  • “Dyulacha” – nefrit (jade) project of Evenk community at Bauntovky municipal district, Buryatia
  • “Nikiforov” – criminal case of the ex-head of the Evenk village Ivanovskoye Sergey Nikiforov at Selemdzhinsky municipal district, Amurskaya oblast
  • Oil projects on indigenous lands
    • “Komi-Izhma” – fighting of Komi population at Izhemsky municipal district in Komi republic against Lukoil oil company
    • NUMTO” – the case of re-zoning of the Natural park Numto at Khanty-Mansiisky autonomous okrug under the pressure of the Surgutneftegaz oil company
  • “Self Governance case” – the case of State’s pressure on indigenous movement in Russian Federation
  • “Tkhsanom” – case of creation of the Itelmen territory of traditional nature use (TTNU) in Kamchatka